New Hope Medical Detox Centeris a family of medical, therapeutic, and holistic care centers dedicated to making sure you or your loved ones get the treatment you need to get healthy again. We believe that you should get high quality personalized treatment. Everyone is unique and we know that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment program.

When you call us to get started on your path towards sobriety, we’ll go over your insurance policy to make sure we pair you with an addiction treatment center that is both in your insurance network and capable of offering the type of care that will best suit your unique situation. Our experienced staff will help you better understand your benefits and answer any questions you may have about the process.


The insurance providers we typically work with include:

If you do not see your insurance provider listed above, please call us and we can help find the best treatment facility that is covered by your current provider.

Will My Insurance Cover Drug or Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Seeking help for your addiction problem is the first step towards retaking control of your health and your life. But reaching out for help can be difficult, especially where insurance policies and benefits are concerned. Most people don’t fully understand the details of their health insurance policies, but our team of specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Most insurance companies have some level of coverage for substance abuse and mental health, but how much will depend on your policy. Often times, the benefits listed specifically for substance abuse and mental health may vary greatly from what’s mentioned in your general health plan. This unfortunately leaves many people unaware of the difference between the two in regards to coverage and financial expectations like copays and out-of-pocket deductibles.

When you call, we’ll be able to answer many, if not all, of these questions regarding your insurance coverage for rehab:

  • How much of the expenses your insurance company will cover for your treatment
  • What level of care and types of treatment are covered by your policy
  • How long your insurance will cover an inpatient program (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • What treatment will cost you out of pocket

There’s no guarantee that your claim will be approved, but we’ll have a better idea of how successful your claim might be once we’ve reviewed your insurance. We’ll help you choose a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center (and program) accepted by your insurance provider when you call us. That way you can focus on getting your life back on track.


Rehab Coverage and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug addiction and alcoholism are often connected to underlying emotional or social issues for an addict. Outside stressors such as work or family struggles can also exacerbate the issue, but it’s not uncommon for a substance abuse disorder to be either A.) the result of trying to cope with an underlying mental health issue (such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or another mental health disorder) or B.) covering up the fact that the abuser has an underlying mental health condition in the first place.

Those who have both a substance abuse disorder and some level of an underlying mental health issue are referred to as dual diagnosis patients. These patients will be fighting two battles at once trying to overcome their addiction while treating whatever mental health concerns they may also suffer from.

It’s important for anyone involved in an addict’s recovery that a fitting treatment center be chosen. One that not only addresses alcohol or drug addiction, but is also capable of focusing on any present mental health concerns as well — should the patient be dual diagnosed. A vast majority of those who suffered from some kind of addiction ended up with their addictive behaviors trying to medicate an underlying issue, whether it be a poor stress coping mechanism or trying to bury traumatic experiences in their life.

Call Us Now to Get Started

At New Hope Rehabilitation, our primary goal is to get you the treatment you need while taking your unique situation into account. We’ll pair you with a high quality treatment center that will offer you some of the best insurance for drug rehab available that can meet your needs from dual-diagnosis inpatient rehab to Outpatient 12 Steps treatment. Call one of our seasoned specialists at 866-710-7278 now to take your first step towards sobriety.